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I believe many people has their precious book or story that changed her/his life,
for me one precious title that i dare say this manga really made a change in my life is Nabari no Ou.

First found it on bookstore bookshelf, trapped by the beauty art (and ofc by miharu. lol), although that time i don't really have a lot of money, i forced my self to buy it. and i'm glad i forced my self at that time.
buy the official first volume, and read the continuation via manga online, i found my self that i'm really in love with this manga,
i can't tell which part of my life is changed thanks to Nabari no Ou, since i think its too private, too long, and no words can't describe it.

keep my patience to wait for volume after volume released, laugh and cried till my eyes swollen for yoite, After long wait for two years, finally! i managed to bought the last volume of Nabari No Ou! can't show you the manga right now, but i wish i could take a pic of them someday.

if i could be honest, actually i'm not satisfied with the final story, but ah well~ i'm happy now, Yoite is fine and found his happiness, i truly really happy. I really thanks Kamatani Yuhki-sensei for making such a beautiful story (and i believe there would be many people agree with me).


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