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Hello! Minna-San
actually i'm a completely idiot in livejournal, all i know about LJ is really few
but i'll do my best to keep exist in LJ...
ah yeah, i delete all previous entries, since it only fill with crap, and i want to start new life in here :) except the entry from LJ itself? lol

saaa~ today i would like to tell you about my favorite manga! :D
Pirates & Mermaid! ["Kaizoku to Ningyou" by Tatsuya Kiuchi; First Released by Hakusensha in "Hana To Yume" Manga Magazine]

it released in my Place as Pirates&Mermaid by Elex Media Komputindo
it already released in my place till volume 04.
what i love from this manga is The Art! I give 10/10!

Tatsuya Kiuchi-sensei's art is really beautiful, although her animal art is still need improvement.. because somehow it still make the reader guessing "what animal is this?"but AH! that is doesn't matter!! she did an amazing work!okay the stories is about Hisui, a mermaid... or merman in this case :D [love it!]
a rare creature, normally they have pure white hair but but only in water does the color change.
Hisui is the rarest mermaid, he has scarlet hair... which is a key to the ultimate treasure called mermaid tears.

Ikuta, is the Captain of His Pirates ship, at first he only want to see how mermaid is looks, but after meet Hisui, he changed his mind and make Hisui stay on his ship. It seems he has bitter past back to era when he is still a soldier

Lio, is a soldier who has some past together with Ikuta about some girl named Liza. He is a good man actually.

maa~ maa~ enough for today lol....
i'll bring more story about this manga later and probably i'll show you all manga i have
till the next time minna-san~ 


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