Nov. 6th, 2013 06:09 pm
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So, I'm officially a NEET now.

I don't really want to find a job, just don't want it.
I feel so lazy and don't even have will to make cv. but darn! Money is problem.

Maybe part timing is a good decision for quick money, but I don't want my friends or my neighbor laughing at me.
and It seems my Mom also don't want to see me wearing Konbini uniform... *what a snobbish environment I;m living at*
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I have passed my final exam! yeehaa!
I already missing you guys! and my full internet life!! fufufufufuufufu~
I had shed so many tears and now it's all paid! I'm graduating soon muahahahhahahahaha~

ato dare de, I have to looking for job, but for now I'd love to enjoy my NEET life *winks winks*
but for now I think it's time for new style and profile picture, :)
It's been awhile~


Jun. 13th, 2013 07:12 pm
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really busy! I have to race with time! Gotta finish my final assignment before juny end! Gotta work like i never know what procrastinating is...

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Meh! Meh! Meh! I'm so fed up!
Everything is really messy right now! and the worst part is; my body seems doesn't care!!
I keep procrastinating and abandoning all duties...


better, procrastinating again.. D:

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Apr. 18th, 2013 11:42 am
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I often heard about dreamdwidth... so i guess... there's no harm to make one...
who knows if i need it someday :)


Feb. 4th, 2013 08:54 pm
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So finally it's become fix, that I'll start my job training at Bank X co.
It will start next month,

I'm quiet pissed right now, my dvd rom has encounter an error, it said that i have to clean it with lens disc cleaner, but i can't find place who sell it!! damn development country!! just wish i can fix it in no time, i need to back up data in my hdd D:<
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after talking to my family,
we finally decided to make account in bank "x"
today i also receive call from bank "x" company's HRD. said that maybe i can start from February after all requirements completed

so~ go me! go me! 
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So today I went to bank to give my job training proposal... and it end up with disappointment when looking for the requirement.
The only one i can't do is become their customer first, so in other word, i must have that bank "x" account first.... so angry when i call my friends who accepted there, they don't have any bank "x" account.


Jan. 18th, 2013 08:56 pm
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Big Flood! the communication signal turn bad, and it probably the electricity will be shut (again).

I only can access internet via mobile right now, just wish eveything will be fine when I'm away.

Flood plese quickly be over!

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Sep. 16th, 2012 06:26 pm
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So i decided to make tumblr, since i found many fandom there.
But really, I feel like back to the first time i use LJ. Confusion!

Gaaaaah! Now, how to make my tumblr cute? and can tumblr set to private? geeez
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It's been 5 years since the publisher release no 7 of tactics.
I'm dying for more!

well i could see that the status in origin country also still "OnGoing"
but isn't it the publisher should be responsible for this dying soul? yareyare~

i wish the publisher could finish the license problem faster


Aug. 29th, 2012 07:42 pm
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Kyaaa! I'm on dillemma!

recently i have an eye for a manga call: "more flower than a flower"
my gaydar reacting toward this manga, almost just like when i found "pirates and mermaid"
and the publisher also quiet often releasing manga with BL hints.

but the problem is the mangaka!!
the mangaka is a senior mangaka who have been writting manga for atleast half of her life, but she never write BL
she have write manga with gender bender genre which is we always know it has hints to BL and GL life

what should i doooooooo?
i don't want to dissapoint at the end, i don't want to wasting money for something that i won't be like it in the end
no scanlation for this manga, really have no image for this one D:
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have long holiday...
i used to be in euphoria everytime long holiday came.
but this time, not. I really want to find part time job, but darn! why all vacant job is only for SPG and private teacher?

i can't be SPG, i'm not good with promoting something
private teacher? yeah, right, i bet the students will 10 times smarter than me.

i have to think about this slowly.
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Finally Exam is done, nervous wait for the result. but well not that nervous. All I Need is C ;)

Realizing that i have free time, So I re-read my CLAMP manga collection, and have a thought
are these people
same with these people
i just think they're same person
kokuyou has different eye colour and Saiga never open her glasses. Hisui able to see future, and so does Kakei.
hmmmm... i'm watching you CLAMP (and love you, ofc)
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Gawd! Final Exam is near, and i still haven't study at all! i wish i could just input all material digitally in my head!

Room still as messy as hell, and it starts to make my nose itches! i wonder why i've become lazy like this! errrgh!

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Oh My God! Finally I could finish My Computing System in Accounting Assignment! 
After re-do it 3 times, it finally reach the end!! yay! yay! yay! 
i don't want to see numbers for a while 
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Today my friends went to Laruku concert and here I am burn in Jealousy 
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Just in Case if you want to know how Licensing Process is:
taken from local Publisher FAQ in my Place

The Process to Published manga is relative long, due to many processes that require approval from the original publisher, or even the mangaka itself. both of the process in the form of chapters in manga magazine or the tankoubon.
If your place also licensing the manga magazine (Shonen Jump, Magz, or Star). the tankoubon will be longer to released since the policy it self requiring that the magazine must released the latest chapter before the tankoubon.

ex: if your place already licensing Naruto till volume 50, The magazine will released the number after that, or maybe start from chapter 1 again, (I'm not sure) but the released of tankoubon will delayed until some time.

In Japan the gap between the average volume of 2-6 months, sometimes more.

This series depends on how many pages per chapter that was published in the Japanese comic magazines and also depends on the manga magazine published weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

If a chapter has 32 pages and a comic takes around 200 pages, then a tanko (short for tankoubon / comic unit) took sixth chapter. If a comic magazine just published a chapter / month, then at least 6 months to collecting enough material for one tankou;and the fastest is 1.5 months if the magazine was published weekly.

And remember, that if a chapter 32 pages, there are some comics that the number of pages is less than that.

Then after that, this material will be published as they process tankobon in Japan. (still in Japan)

after the tankoubon released in Japan, Japan Publisher will send the raw to Publisher in your place and then still have to be processed again here, including the permitting process contents to be printed which must be authorized Japan each volume (where the process what MOST LONG is awaiting approval print / approval contents and cover from Japan ).

In addition, the representative agent in the Japanese publisher and editor in each country who are responsible might not only deal with a series title or an issuer that is all alone, but there are so many series and other publishers are handled. So the handling and preparation of the manuscript published schedules are also interspersed with intervals other series.

Why sometimes there are comics that stagnates at a certain number?
that because Permission granted by the original publisher's sometimes a certain amount of volume, not directly to the end. After the license renewal process will be processed again.


there are publishers who requested approval to send over and over again just because retouch comic panel should be done very carefully to not touch some object even only for one millimeter.

there are publishers who could ask for approval to send repeatedly only to control the color of a picture illustration

there are editors who have to outline around each piece of specific comics, just to check out his comic edge there should be a certain distance with millimeter size, so the results can meet the standards of one of the Japanese publishers

there also mangaka who doesn't want their manga released outside Japan, or only for some country

note: this only for hard copy manga
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I believe many people has their precious book or story that changed her/his life,
for me one precious title that i dare say this manga really made a change in my life is Nabari no Ou.

First found it on bookstore bookshelf, trapped by the beauty art (and ofc by miharu. lol), although that time i don't really have a lot of money, i forced my self to buy it. and i'm glad i forced my self at that time.
buy the official first volume, and read the continuation via manga online, i found my self that i'm really in love with this manga,
i can't tell which part of my life is changed thanks to Nabari no Ou, since i think its too private, too long, and no words can't describe it.

keep my patience to wait for volume after volume released, laugh and cried till my eyes swollen for yoite, After long wait for two years, finally! i managed to bought the last volume of Nabari No Ou! can't show you the manga right now, but i wish i could take a pic of them someday.

if i could be honest, actually i'm not satisfied with the final story, but ah well~ i'm happy now, Yoite is fine and found his happiness, i truly really happy. I really thanks Kamatani Yuhki-sensei for making such a beautiful story (and i believe there would be many people agree with me).
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